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Harriman State Park Overnight Hike

I recently went on an overnight hike through Harriman state park.  After not having been back in a while, I was quickly reminded of the beauty of the small park.  In our overnight hike, we traveled 22 miles through grassy hills and rocky overlooks,... Read more →

Nanny goat Mountain, Pasayten Wilderness

On a recent trip to the Pasayten Wilderness, I climbed Nanny goat mountain, which is just over 7400 feet.  The ascent was not very technical, however quite a bit of scrambling was needed to maneuver the scree fields that made up most of the... Read more →

Backpacking footwear

Backpacking footwear is a highly debated topic, in which many people have opinions about the best shoe for hiking.  The reality is that everyone likes a different shoe.  Here are some of the most popular options for footwear.   Boots Traditional... Read more →

Rice and Beans Recipe for Alcohol stoves

Rice with beans   Perhaps the easiest meal to cook on trail, I like this meal for the first night on a trip, as it is easy to cook and tastes good after a day of hiking. For this recipe, regular or instant rice can be used; however regular... Read more →

Tip of the week: Olive oil in cooking

Olive oil has one of the highest calorie to weight ratios, at about 230 calories per ounce.  While olive oil cannot be consumed by itself, it is a great thing to add to meals to add calories to them.  In addition, you will save weight by not... Read more →

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Backpacker Magazine: President Obama is asking Congress to designate more than 12 million acres of land in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) as a wilderness area, which would stop any oil production and the associated drilling... Read more →

Tip of the Week: Ditch the Nalgene

Nalgenes and other hard sided water bottles are commonplace in the backpacking world, however lighter options can work just as well.  Many people nowadays choose to use water bladder bottles, which are great because of their light weight, and... Read more →
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