Linville Gorge Wilderness

The Linville gorge wilderness is located in North Carolina, and is great for backpacking.  Though it may not be that long, the gorge wilderness is large and multiple day hikes are common through the park.  The gorge is separated into two sides,... Read more →

Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica

I recently went on a trip to Costa Rica where I did some hiking, but also was able to do whitewater rafting which was a great experience. The rapids in Costa Rica are much faster by class than I have experienced in America, even with the water... Read more →

El Capitan Climbers Reach the Summit

The El Capitan climbers have completed their grueling climb.  CNN describes the climb as: Nineteen days. Three thousand feet of some of the hardest climbing in the world. And just their bare hands and sticky-soled shoes to get them up the granite-faced... Read more →

Choosing the right backpack for you

While some may spend outrageous amounts of money in an attempt to find a pack that weighs a few ounces less than one that is 70 dollars cheaper, the reality is that you should buy the best pack for your budget, as long as you don’t sacrifice... Read more →

Gear Review: Blizzard Bushwacker Ski

I recently received blizzard bushwhacker skis, and after trying them out, I really love them. I had my eye on these skis to be a good all mountain front ski, with capabilities to go after some softer snow. These skis are very poppy and springy,... Read more →

Gear Review: Sawyer Mini water filter

As I mentioned in my post about Aqua Mira drops, most solo ultralight hikers tend to go the chemical treatment route I mentioned earlier, or with a small filter. The Sawyer mini filter is a good and lightweight option for hikers who do want... Read more →
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