Favorite hikes: Macomb Mountain, Adirondacks NY

Macomb Mountain is one of my favorite and most memorable hikes for a couple of reasons. While on a two-week hike in the Adirondacks, we decided to base camp for a day to summit Macomb mountain, along with a few other peaks nearby. The approach trail to Macomb Mountain is fairly normal for the Adirondacks, however after a few miles from our camp we were surprised to see a half mile rock slide lead right up the face of the mountain. The slide is relatively steep at points, but that adds to the appeal of the mountain. A note: while hiking this slide, make sure to spread out as to avoid knocking the loose scree down upon others who may be below you. The slide follows the mountain to almost the summit, where a trail leads back through the trees to the semi-exposed rock summit. From the summit, several other peaks may be accessed such as south and east dix, which are nice additions to your hike.

macomb_thumbA view of the slide from towards the bottom.