Gear Review: Aqua Mira Drops

Water treatment may not be the most interesting topic, but giardia and cryptosporidium are not fun to have. When comparing water treatment options, the ultralight backpacker usually steers clear of the heavy and expensive options like a pump filter. Boiling water is an option that some beginners may think will work fine, but unless you have to melt snow it isn’t very practical to have to boil water every time you need a full bottle. Most ultra light hikers come to a cross road between a lightweight filter, or some sort of chemical treatment. I usually chose to go with aqua mira drops, because they only take five minutes for the two parts to “cure”, and then only twenty-thirty minutes to fully treat one liter of water. Best of all, in my opinion, is the weight. The bottle of drops weighs about two ounces, and is relatively cheap ($13 on Amazon).


-Note: I am not being paid by AquaMira to write this post, it is all based on my personal experience with these drops and my opinions on its performance.