Gear review: MSR Whisperlite Stove

While weighing in at a hefty eleven ounces, the extremely powerful MSR Whisperlite stove is a great stove option for large groups who wish to share a single stove and not sacrifice versatility. I have used the MSR Whisperlite while backpacking and can say that it is a powerful stove that can boil large portions of water relatively fast (for the backcountry, at least) and can also be used to bake and cook elaborate meals for many people. The Whisperlite runs on white gas, but international and universal versions of this stove can run on kerosene, auto fuel, and the universal can even run on butane canisters. The link to a demonstration of this stove is here, and you can purchase it on my website if you would like. Despite its weight, this stove performs great in the backcountry for large group cooking.

-Note: I am not being paid by MSR to write this post, it is all based on my personal experience with this stove and my opinions on its performance.