Hikes near cities: Overnight hike near NYC

Harriman state park is located in Orange and Rockland counties of New York State, which is roughly thirty miles north of New York City. Harriman state park is almost fifty thousand acres in area, and can be accessed by trains on many of the metro north lines. The Appalachian Trail, as well as the long path run through this park, which features many shelters and campsites. A surprising group of animals can be found in this park, such as timber rattlesnake, copperhead snake, and some have even reported seeing black bear. While this park can become crowded during the summer weekends, you can usually avoid the crowds by going in months like April or September. If you run into crowds, stealth camping is allowed as long as you are 150 feet off a trail and 200 feet from rivers or streams. In addition there is rock climbing in some parts of Harriman. Harriman state park is a great option for a city dweller that wants to enjoy a day hike or two to three day overnight hikes.Powerlinez_Harriman_State_Park_Climbing