Linville Gorge Wilderness

The Linville gorge wilderness is located in North Carolina, and is great for backpacking.  Though it may not be that long, the gorge wilderness is large and multiple day hikes are common through the park.  The gorge is separated into two sides, which require a river crossing to travel between, so it is advisable to check the water height before you go.  The gorge walls are steep, and is relatively challenging hiking.  Their is lots of wildlife throughout the park, and black bears have been sighted, but they are rare.


An aerial view of the gorge

Linville gorge is one of my favorite places to go hiking, and I would highly recommend it.  On a river crossing my first time to the park, I underestimated the strong current and had to hike further up the river to cross, so make sure to check the water level before you go. Linville gorge is definitely a great place to go for short to long backpacking trips, with great views.