A Rice and Beans Recipe for Alcohol Stoves

Rice with beans


Perhaps the easiest meal to cook on trail, I like this meal for the first night on a trip, as it is easy to cook and tastes good after a day of hiking. For this recipe, regular or instant rice can be used; however regular rice will take longer to cook.



One cup of rice

Half cup of instant beans

Beef jerky or vegetables


Any desired seasonings (I tend to use hot sauce and pepper)


Bring two cups of water to a boil, and then use a simmer attachment on a stove or a separate simmer stove to keep the water boiling. Cook the rice and beans, testing it every minute or so. If your stove goes out, the water will continue to cook the meal for around 10 minutes, but make sure you use a lid, and if you have it, a pot insulator. ┬áThis meal’s cooktime can vary from short to long depending on what type of stove you use.