A commentary on Plato's Timaeus, by A.E. Taylor

By A.E. Taylor

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63 The degree of his dependence on Proclus would be explicable in terms of his obvious intention to conceal a Neoplatonist theology in Christian theology or to make an open synthesis of the two. That he belongs, in any event, in the milieu of the Athenian School is proved by his imitating Proclus' way of referring to Plato as "preceptor" or "guide" (XCX61lYEfLwv) - in referring to his teacher, Hierotheus - whereas Aeneas makes his Theophrastus call Plato simply" our forefather" or "founder" (1t'p6yovoc;).

Koch, "Der pseudepigraphische Character der dionysischen Schriften, Theol. Quart. 77 (1895), 335-420. 91 Sergius' writings are unedited. For the few known details of his life, d . A. Baumstark, Lucubrationes Syrograecae, Diss. Inaug. (Leipzig, 1894), corrected in idem, Geschichte der syrischen Literatur (Bonn, 1922), pp. 167-169. 'vV. Wright. 93 Sergius was a physician and an eclectic theologian. Pseudo-Zachary says that he studied at Alexandria. 94 Evidence for a Platonic curriculum under Ammonius is strangely scanty.

III-II3, pp. 144-147 Sherwood . Sergius' praise of astronomy fits with what we know of his interests, his commentary on the De caelo (a standard work in the School at Athens Schemmel, p . 50S) . His reference (p. ) of the spheres" may be to this work. It is interesting that the same phrase appears also in the Treatise on Astronomy (Syriac) ascribed to "Dionysius," although the style of this treatise is different, Cf. supra, fn. 10. , II6, p . 149 Sherwood. 98 Supra , p . IS. 99 Cf. DN 644A, 952B; 690D; MT 997A.

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