A grammar of the Persian language by by Sir William Jones.

By by Sir William Jones.

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Jan heeft die boekeni zonder ei te bekijken weggelegd. ’ …weil er die Zeitungi ohne ei zu lesen weggeworfen hat. 23 With the eventual removal of Agr-phrases from the MP (ch. Chomsky 1995:Chapter 4), such a theoretical stance is quite antiquated and would require rationale for the re-admittance of Agr-phrases based on the grounds of virtual conceptual necessity. Meinunger (2000) and Jayaseelan (2001) advocate the presence of functional projections in the middle field responsible for licensing discourse properties such as topic and focus.

L. Spell-Out m. PF = WXYX n. 15 We no longer have to er14 Due to the dynamic, rapid composition of syntactic structure in the course of real-time construction Remerge and Link! occur simultaneously. Be that as it may, I parse these two operations separate from one another for the sake of clarity. ) have brought to my attention the strikingly familiarity the Survive version of minimalism shares with the HPSG framework (cf. Pollard and Sag 1994) to the extent that heads are familiar with their neighbors thus ‘naturally’ preventing 22 Scrambling and the Survive Principle roneously speak of copies and chains in Survive; Link!

Minimalist theory as understood and revised within the Survive framework avoids many of the errors that beset earlier stages of transformational syntactic theory. Of prime importance is the inclusion of the lexicon as an active component of the CHL, which brings forth the ability of the theory to break its dependency from Internal Merge/Move and the concept of feature checking and deletion. Under such assumptions, the traditional distinctions between substitution and adjunction can be subsumed under the primitive operation Link!

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