A Spadeful of Spacetime by Fred Saberhagen

By Fred Saberhagen

Stable analyzing reproduction. a few put on from general use.

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Harman believed in himself and knew his belief to be sincere, even without this sign from heaven to mark him as blessed of all men. And that was strangely true, he knew. The princes and powers of the world had been scanned for the stigmata of lasting fame (not the Soviets, of course, nor China); politicians—Harman smiled—often scored high, yet none higher than eight or nine. Seventeen showed almost embarrassing enthusiasm on the part of the historians, the excellent, discriminating historians yet to be.

The angel had long since left her by then, and she was alone. Jack swung the ax and it fell, more with a smack than a thud. He had missed her neck and struck deep in her back and shoulder. She screamed and screamed. He struck again, and this time silenced her. But he did not break through her spine until the third blow. Then he turned away, spattered with blood, and vomited and wept and pleaded with Father Michael to forgive him. Amy stood a few feet away from Elouise, who sat on the grass of the clearing, looking toward a broken branch on the nearest tree.

He felt a little uncomfortable about this panel, as he really was no scientist, though he read the professional journals fairly often and popularizations a lot, and his stories tended to be thick with scientific jargon. He thought some of the readers liked the jargon better than the stories, and he loved it himself, really, which was why long ago he had begun to use so much of it. For him it had always made a kind of poetry. Some of the other people on the panel were not only real scientists, but were writers as well.

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