A Theorem on Space Quantization by Kronig R.

By Kronig R.

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In Search of Dark Matte

The identify of this publication stuck my recognition simply because so-called darkish subject is a vital and difficult factor in glossy astronomy. briefly, the celebrities we see have inadequate mass to account for the gravity of galaxies and galactic clusters. The lacking mass needs to live in non-luminous, i. e. darkish topic.

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There was, he remembered, a space-suit storeroom there. As he approached it, he saw that Captain Leeth was ahead of him and was in the act of fumbling his body into a suit. As Grosvenor came up, the commander closed up the suit and manipulated its anti-acceleration unit. Quickly he turned to help Grosvenor. A minute later, Grosvenor sighed with relief as he reduced the gravity of his suit to one G. There were two of them now; and other men were stumbling up. It took only a few minutes to exhaust the supply of space suits in that Voyage of the Space Beagle 40 storeroom.

That’s funny,” he said. ” He shook his head. “Well, we can’t even look inside the cage now. ” “At least it proves he’s vulnerable to our energies,” Morton said grimly. “Because he had to render them harmless. The important thing is, we’ve got him behind four inches of the toughest of metals. At the worst, we can open the door and turn a semiportable blaster on him. ” A sound from inside the cage interrupted his words. A heavy body crashed against a wall. That was followed by a sustained thudding, as if many small objects were collapsing to the floor.

We must give him an opportunity to escape. Once outside this ship, he will be at our mercy. ” Morton glanced around the room. ” Kent said sourly, “I never heard such a story in my life. Possibilities. Probabilities. Fantasies. ” Chief physicist von Grossen said, “I doubt if even an examination would definitely prove him a beast who has been experimented upon. Mr. ” Voyage of the Space Beagle 57 Korita said, “Further exploration of the city might uncover evidence of Mr. ” He spoke cautiously. ” Chief engineer Pennons said, “One of our lifeboats is in the machine shop right now.

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