A Tibetan religious geography of Nepal. Tibet, Buddha, by Turrell Wylie (Translator, Editor); Bla-ma b Tsan-po

By Turrell Wylie (Translator, Editor); Bla-ma b Tsan-po (Autor)

The Nepalese portion of the author's international geography, ʾdZam-gling-rGyas-bShod.
Tibetan textual content in transliteration; English translation.

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It is also said that it was brought into self-origination, through the magic power of a siddlii (grub-ikob), from India. It is known as one containing the hair of S&ripulra's head " (so lhag rdo Ikag mehod rlen | ko It skim bu \ 'pkags pa siting kun gyl so Ikag rdo Ikag la bskengs ter ba'ang 'dug | rgyo gar nos grub ihob geig gt mllius rang byon dnphebs pa'ang ser | shd ri bu’i dbu skra gsungs su bshttgspar grogs || folio 3-a). Ka-|ishim-bu is the Kalhisambu of L4vi (M, p. 3)4) This " surplus earth-and-stone stQpa should not be confused with the one called Tsfl-bhel-ko-tsa-yi-le, which h on Ihe road between Kathmandu and Bodhnglh, and is said to have been creeled from Ihe left over ma­ terials of (he Bodhn&th stOpa (cf.

A rdsumd of this work was written in T i­ betan by Mgon-po skyabs, author of the Kgyo-nag choi-'byung, under the title Chen-po Thong-gur dus-kyi rgya-gar zhing-gi bkod-pa’I dkar-chag). In (he section on Nepal (Chi­ nese: Ni-po-lo) it says: " Southeast of the capital city, there is a small pond. If one tou­ ches fire to it, the water gives forth flame. Moreover, whatever objects are thrown into it, they also change and become afire " (DaM sailki ki no ktnkyO, Vol. 1, Tokyo/Kyoto, 1942, p. 372).

Jigs-byed Nag-po (KSIa Bhairava), " The black fearful-one", is an aspect of Siva (Danieiou, p. 301). For a description of the various Ma-mo deities, see O D T, pp. 269-73. The account and function of the eight " cemeteries " is mentioned briefly in TPS (pp. 342. 613-note 237). ' 47 'Khor-lo sdom-pa, Cakrasamvara, Is a tinirte aspect, which became the yt-dam of the Bka'-rgyud-pa sect. Tsong-kha-pa (1337-1419), reformer and founder of the Dge- — 22 — of N epal*48 have a basis for giving some accounts different from those related above; still, not far from this mchod-rten is a cemetery lake (dur-khrod-kyi mtsho) called N a-ga-La-la-pa49, on whose shore is a cemetery tree (dur-khrod-kyi shing).

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