Alliances (La Roue du Temps, Tome 16) by Robert Jordan

By Robert Jordan

Egwene tente de renforcer son emprise sur le siège de l'Amyrlin et prépare son plan pour renverser Elaida et l. a. journey Blanche. En Illian, Rand al'Thor doit rassembler ses troupes contre les Seanchans et compte en grande partie sur l'aide des Ash'man. Mais le Dragon Réincarné risque de devenir fou : los angeles voix de Lews Therin résonne à nouveau dans sa tête...

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I know one," Imbri said. " "It isn't wise to let anyone know Nimby's true nature," Chlorine said firmly. " Forrest Faun suggested. " Chlorine asked. " the faun asked rhetorically. "A magic talent, of course. " Chlorine looked at Nimby, who wiggled a long ear. She returned to Imbri. " Imbri resumed mare form and galloped swiftly away. Chlorine mounted Nimby, and both vanished. Forrest waved at the space where they had been, and retired to his sandalwood tree. The scene faded. Breanna was back in her regular daydream, facing Mare Imbri.

There will be no problem. " So Breanna climbed onto Mare Imbri's back, and the horse took off. She galloped somewhat faster than the wind, seeming to pass right through trees, and the girl was entirely at ease, not even close to falling off. That was part of the magic of it. Sometimes they even seemed to be flying through the air. Still, she had a doubt to work through. " "In a manner. For example, there's the C Tree. Its seeds do marvelous things. If you need a lot of water, you can invoke a C big enough to sail a ship on.

The scene faded. Breanna was back in her regular daydream, facing Mare Imbri. "Now you know how you came by your talent. " "But I haven't seen that dragon in any dream," Breanna protested. "He merely watches without interfering. If he disturbed your dreams, they would no longer be innocent. It has been effective; he is slowly learning how to dream on his own. " "Well, he can keep sharing, if that's what he wants," Breanna said, though she felt more than a smidgen queasy about having such a creature there.

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