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In vitro, animal and epidemiologic evidence linking leptin [23–25] or adiponectin [21, 26–28] individually to cancer risk is mixed. Associations between the adiponectin-to-leptin ratio and the metabolic syndrome [29–31] and some cancers [32–34] are reported. Further characterization of these links is needed. 1 Cytokines and Cross Talk Between Adipocytes, Macrophages, and Epithelial Cells Obesity and metabolic syndrome are associated with a low-grade, chronic state of inflammation characterized by increased circulating free fatty acids and chemoattraction of immune cells (such as macrophages that also produce inflammatory mediators) into the local milieu [35–37].

Leptin has direct effects on peripheral tissues, indirect effects on hypothalamic pathways and modulates immune function, cytokine production, angiogenesis, carcinogenesis, and other biological processes [18]. The leptin receptor has similar homology to class I cytokines that signal through the Janus kinase and signal transducer activator of transcription (JAK/STAT) pathway that is often dysregulated in cancer [19]. Adiponectin is a hormone mainly secreted from visceral adipose tissue. Levels of adiponectin, in contrast to leptin, negatively correlate with adiposity.

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