America's Hidden History: Untold Tales of the First by Kenneth C. Davis

By Kenneth C. Davis

Kenneth C. Davis, writer of the exceptional ny instances bestseller have no idea a lot approximately historical past, provides a set of outstanding tales, each one detailing an neglected episode that formed the nation's future and personality. Davis's dramatic narratives set the checklist instantly, busting myths and bringing to mild little-known yet attention-grabbing evidence from a time while the nation's destiny hung within the stability. Spanning a interval from the Spanish arrival in the US to George Washington's inauguration in 1789, America's Hidden heritage is an iconoclastic examine America's previous, connecting many of the dots among heritage and present day headlines, and proving why Davis is really America's instructor. discover: Which Pilgrims arrived in Florida fifty years earlier than the Mayflower sailed. What perfect court docket Justice went to felony. What traitor is commemorated with a statue for his bravery. Which scuffling with girl in colonial New England scalped her Indian captors.

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Dogs were as standard as horses in the Spanish invasion,” as Paul Schneider described their grim value. “Cortés took them to Mexico, Ponce de León took them to Puerto Rico. In Panama, Balboa used dogs not just in battle but to enforce good Christian sexual mores and dress codes: ‘The (native) king’s brother and a number of other courtiers were dressed as women, and according to the accounts of the neighbors shared the same passion. . ’”14 Now de Soto put them to deadly use in Florida, setting them on Indian villagers to break any resistance.

The remnants of his army limped back to Mexico a year later. z with these and other mounting, costly disappointments, King Philip II, who had succeeded to the throne in 1556, put an end to Spanish attempts to settle Florida in 1561. But when word of the French settlement at Fort Caroline reached Philip in 1562, all that changed. Philip II decided to remove the French Protestant menace there. This was no small matter. French “privateers” had been preying on Spanish treasure ships for nearly thirty years, and during an undeclared war in the 1550s they had cut in half the Spanish crown’s take in gold and silver from the Americas.

Adding to Haverhill’s unease, the town bordered Indian country, and with war in the air, that was no small threat. Overwhelmed by the English influx, the Algonquian-speaking “people of the dawnland”— the Abenaki, who were spread across northern New England—had been pressing English frontier settlements with growing ferocity for nearly ten years. Just two years earlier, Haverhill had barely fended off an attack by eighty Indians. In York, Maine, the people had been less fortunate. In what was called the Candlemas Massacre, more than fifty settlers had died and another hundred had been taken captive in the early winter of 1692.

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