Ammonite Faunas of the Upper Cretaceous Rocks of Vancouver by J. L. Usher

By J. L. Usher

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M a n y straight, h o o k e d , and spirally coiled forms also occur in the L a m b e r t formation. Noslcceras hornbyensc is analogous t o t w o of the T e x a s Maestrichtian forms, A . hyatti Stephenson and N. helicinum ( S h u m a r d ) . T h e latter species is also recorded from. A n g o l a b y Haas. Anisoceras cooperi and Diplomoceras noiabile are conspicuous elements in the fauna, and a single specimen of 'Tlamites' obstrictus has been recovered from H o r n b y Island. In view of this indicative fauna there is little reason to d o u b t the Maestrichtian age of the N o r t h u m b e r l a n d - L a m b e r t faunizone.

The Qualicum Faunizone Situated between the Haslam and the Cedar District-Trent R i v e r faunizones is a narrow zone at the t o p of the Qualicum formation that contains t w o species of ammonites. T h e first, Pachydiscus multisulcatus, is represented b y numerous specimens and is closely related, on the one hand, t o P. newberryanus in the N a n a i m o basin and, o n the other, t o P. perplicalus in the C o m o x basin. T h e second, Gaudryceras denmanense, is represented b y a unique specimen in this formation, and records the first appearance of that species in the N a n a i m o group of the C o m o x basin.

1 1 2 ; 1903, p . 3 2 9 ) . Plant fragments in argillaceous b e d s of the lower half of the formation are t o o p o o r l y preserved t o b e of value in fixing the age o f the formation. Its stratigraphic position and similar l i t h o l o g y suggest an e q u i v a l e n c y with the D e C o u r c y formation of the N a n a i m o basin. Lambert Formation Succeeding the D e n m a n formation on the northeast side of D e n m a n Island, is a series of arenaceous shales with minor b e d s of sandstone, forming the lower measures of the Lambert formation.

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