Ancilla to Pre-Socratic Philosophers: A Complete Translation by Kathleen Freeman

By Kathleen Freeman

This publication is an entire translation of the fragments of the pre-Socratic philosophers given within the 5th version of Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker.

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28. You ace not skilled at speaking: you are only incapable of keeping silent. 29. The hand washes the hand: give something and you may get something. 30. You are not generous: you have a disease—you enjoy giving. 31. Against a villain, villainy is no useless weapon. 32. Practice gives more results than a good natural endowment, my friends. p. 38 34. Who would not choose to be envied, my friends? It is obvious that a man who is not envied is of no account. One pities a blind man when one sees him, but no one envies him.

P. 53 53 13. Nor is there any part of the Whole that is empty or overfull. 14. No part of the Whole is empty; so whence could anything additional come? 15. A wise man would not conjecture such things in his heart, namely, that so long as they are alive (which they call Life), they exist, and experience bad and good fortune; but that before mortals were combined (out of the Elements) and after they were dissolved, they are nothing at all. 16. (Love and Hate): As they were formerly, so also will they be, and never, I think, shall infinite Time be emptied of these two.

Mind sees and Mind hears; everything else is deaf and blind. 13. e. what makes it supple). 14. (It is difficult to speak well on a poor subject): No sooner are the words spoken than the fault appears. 15. (By inference from Aristotle, 'Metaphysics' 1010a): Xenophanes spoke what was unlikely, yet true. 16. ) to say. p. 37 Character for man is good destiny—but for some men, bad also. 17. The greatest sustenance for mortals on their journey is a pious life. 18. The best thing a man can have, in my view, is health.

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