Angel-Seeker (Samaria, Book 5) by Sharon Shinn

By Sharon Shinn

The award-winning writer returns to Samaria during this richly romantic story that starts off the place Archangel left off. In that point, the ladies who craved the eye of angels have been referred to as angel-seekers, a time period used with awe by way of some--and scorn via others.

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Perier gave me countenance by appearing dressed as I was, but although our costume was unlike that of anyone else abroad on the streets, no one stared at us. Men and women passed us with only now and then a glance. All were bareheaded, walking with leisurely directness and silently in their sandals, which often had fiber soles. Their costumes were unusual, and it was I who was tempted to stare. The men wore trousers ending above their bare knees, shirts without neckties open at the throat, and, over these, jackets, more loosely cut and often without the lapels of our sack coats.

Islandia! I had seen the naked rock of her shores, and her rolling moors. Not long after a violent gust of wind swept over the deck, lifting our rugs and howling about th% stanchions; the sky darkened, heavy lines of rain slanted obliquely from the southwest, drumming on the boat deck over our heads and splashing in the scuppers; and the steamer pitched heavily. The fog closed in around us in a rushing stream, making the dark sulphurous in color. It was late when I finally went to bed, and later still when A I slept.

With a rather dizzy head I rose from my bed, freshened myself, and put my papers in my pocket. A — 30 I had expected to be directed down into the town to some but was instead dispatched in a victoria. In the glare of the sun we crawled up the limestone cliffs, on a road that looped back and forth upon itself. Halfway up the cliffs at the end of one of the western loops we stopped by a gate in a solid stone wall, beyond and above which rose tall trees. Here on a little shelf not fifty feet wide was the dwelling place of the Islandian representative, who was responsible for his country's few relations with England and for supervising the board was nailed to entrance of foreigners into Islandia.

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