Dictionary of Women in Religious Art by Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

By Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

Словарь женских образов в религиозном искусстве, более 2000 словарных статей. The Dictionary of ladies in non secular paintings presents uncomplicated information regarding not just the photographs of girls in spiritual paintings, but in addition approximately their roles in society and womens cultural historical past. comprises over 2000 entries and over a hundred illustrations, attracts on all of the significant non secular traditions of the area. the ladies or lady figures thought of are often goddesses, celestial beings, demons, metaphorical entities, and mythical girls, but in addition historic ladies in addition: spiritual leaders, artists, writers, or even girls consumers of the humanities.

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Destined to be- come infatuated with youthful mortals, Aurora engaged in daring sexual en- counters including a famous liaison with or codified the church's official position Cephalus on many aspects of the Christian life, including the teachings on ''Original Sin. Augustine and his later western in- she was alleged to have raped him. In terpreters identified Eve's hubris as the cause of the Fall and of the resulting uncontrollable lust of women as the downfall of men. Augustine was the pa- tron of theologians and scholars.

To earth and conceived twins by the lord Ate. of the winds. the feminine Atalanta [Metamorphosis 10:560-707). disaster. Greek goddess of disaster. Ate was embodiment of that blind foUy that stupefies man and results in Mythological huntress famed for her beauty, physical agility, virginity, and men. According to legend, she was abandoned at birth by her father who wanted a son. Raised by hunters and nursed by she bears, Atalanta grew up to be a proverbial hater of men and perpetually avowed virgin.

Ro- Asera. man symbol of the of widow's devotion to the Roman *Diana ''Artemis. " 27 Semitic-Amorite goddess of love and She was related to the Babylonian *Astarte. Asera was represented as fertility. a beautiful naked woman. ''lotus Asertu. Semitic goddess famed for her acts of infidelity with the Kurakulla, featuring one ''head and eight arms, red in color, and seated in meditation on the '''sun above a red ''Tara, with eight leaves. Asnan. Mesopotamian wheat goddess. weather god. Asherah. From the Semitic for "in wis- Asp.

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