Island in the Sea of Time (The Change, Book 1; Nantucket, by S. M. Stirling

By S. M. Stirling

It's spring on Nantucket and every thing is completely common, until eventually a surprising hurricane blankets the whole island. whilst the elements clears, the island's population locate that they're not within the past due 20th century...but were transported as an alternative to the Bronze Age! Now they need to discover ways to continue to exist with suspicious, warlike peoples they could slightly comprehend and take care of coming near near catastrophe, within the form of a would-be conqueror from their very own time.

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Follow my lead, kid, Eddi prayed. "No," said the phouka softly. " Eddi pulled against his grip. " He wasn't, but for an instant his fingers loosened. She stepped back, knocking her chair over. The cafe manager appeared behind the phouka. " he asked Eddi, and rested a restraining hand on the phouka's shoulder. She reached to touch her bruise and hoped it looked like an unconscious gesture. It was easy to draw a shaky breath. "Yes," she said. Then she met the phouka's eyes, and saw them widen. "I won't go back with you," she said loudly, and hoped it would carry.

She narrowed her eyes at him and went to the bedroom. She put on her big denim jacket and turned the collar up. "Tough girl," she said to her reflection in the bathroom mirror, and tried out a sneer. It made her feel better. 56 Emma Bull Carla's wagon was parked at the bottom of the hill that was Spruce Place. In the shadow of the apartment buildings that lined the street, the air was chilly. " Eddi asked the phouka. The skin of his arms and shoulders was smooth as melted chocolate, without a goosepimple in sight.

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