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9 The disembodiment of the Mother from the maternal function implicates the human species with a singular way of being human that is necessarily mediated and dependent on technology. ʼ10 Here we encounter the hidden violence in the eternal mediation of the maternal space: involution, evolutionary atrophy, the reification of the human body as both an anatomy and a politics of sovereign power relations. Biopower is a sovereign power. It takes from the human experience the autonomy of the body and renders it politically and technologically subordinate.

The language of sovereign economics undercuts the notion of the body itself. Here we must ask: have we really exited the age of corporeal punishment as a means of subjugating the body into productivity? Or has corporeal punishment merely been adopted into a more subtle grammar of anatomical economics? 5 March 2003. I call Statistics Canada today. No ʻLive Birthʼ form has been issued for Quinn and we are unable to get health insurance for her. The province has quit sending me invoices for her hospital care and now threatens to ʻterminate all medical careʼ.

The cyborg body, by definition, is partly a virtualization, a chimera, an unformed body. The relocation of genesis beyond the maternal womb is a vital moment in the creation of the cyborg. Once the womb is exposed, appropriated and externalized by technology, the body emerges as a form to be fixed into an ideal shape for citizenship, a perfected system of productive functioning. The cyborg body is the visible body, the virtual body. The politics of the cyborg body are ultimately fixed through the perfected simulation of ʻlivingʼ.

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