Reweaving the Web of Life: Feminism and Nonviolence by Pam McAllister

By Pam McAllister

Women's experiences, Sociology, Feminism

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It is It the worst nightmare of the women's movement come true is as if, at the height of the civil rights movement, a large percentage of blacks had suddenly organized to say: 'Wait a minute. We don't want equal rights. g. financial security in return for the sexual/domestic service contract of marriage). No matter that compensation is not the same as justice/equality/freedom, or that these expectations were often unmet {always unmet, for certain groups of especially disadvantaged womyn). At times we all prefer the fantasy of secure dependence (the traditional feminine role) to the often unsought — opportunity — Antiindependence.

History of wars speaks volumes about national will in a culture. " The they are. They have absorbed in the most complete way fact is the violent character of their own ethos. These are the men who design missiles and technologies as extensions of themselves. These are the men ready to annihilate whole societies. These are the men honored as heroes with steel minds, resolute wills, insatiable drives for excellence, who are capable of planning demonic acts in a detached, non-emotional way. These are hollow men, capable of little but violence.

The enslavement of half the human race. Centuries of violence. Why weren't we prepared for this? We have lived with violence so long. We have lived under the rule of the fathers so long. Violence and patriarchy: mirror images. An ethic of destruction as normative. Diminished love for life, a numbing to real events as the final consequence. We are not even prepared. Mary Daly, in Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical BARBARA ZANOTTI 17 Feminism, writes: "The rulers of patriarchy— males with power wage an unceasing war against life itself.

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