The Oatman Massacre: A Tale Of Desert Captivity And Survival by Brian McGinty

By Brian McGinty

The Oatman bloodbath is one of the most famed and dramatic captivity tales within the historical past of the Southwest. during this riveting account, Brian McGinty explores the heritage, improvement, and aftermath of the tragedy.Roys Oatman, a dissident Mormon, led his kin of 9 and some different households from their houses in Illinois on a trip west, believing a prophecy that they might locate the fertile “Land of Bashan” on the confluence of the Gila and Colorado Rivers. On February 18, 1851, a band of southwestern Indians attacked the family members on a cliff overlooking the Gila River in present-day Arizona. All yet 3 family members have been killed. The attackers took thirteen-year-old Olive and eight-year-old Mary Ann captive and left their wounded fourteen-year-old brother Lorenzo for dead.Although Mary Ann didn't live on, Olive lived to be rescued and reunited together with her brother at fortress Yuma.On Olive’s go back to white society in 1857, Royal B. Stratton released a e-book that sensationalized the tale, and Olive herself went on lecture excursions, telling of her studies and exciting audiences along with her Mohave chin tattoos.Ridding the mythical story of its anti-Indian bias and wondering the old thought that the Oatmans’ attackers have been Apaches, McGinty explores the level to which Mary Ann and Olive can have tailored to existence one of the Mohaves and charts Olive’s 8 years of traveling and speaking approximately her ordeal.

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And many were troubled by Strang’s obvious enthusiasm for plural marriage. 21 Saints like the Oatmans who rejected Young, Strang, and Rigdon but still maintained their faith in the Book of Mormon were constantly looking for signs that a new leader would appear to them. They had no idea how or when that leader might be revealed. They were confident, however, that it would be through the intercession of the Holy Spirit, the same divine “personage” who had inspired Joseph Smith in the early years of Mormonism.

In La Harpe and neighboring towns, priests and elders met to debate whether Young, Strang, or Rigdon (or perhaps some other person entirely) was entitled to Smith’s mantle. While Joy Sperry and his family were confident that the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles was the church’s lawful governing body, Roys Oatman was not so sure. In September 1845 he met one of Rigdon’s missionaries traveling along the Mississippi, and the man quickly won him over to Rigdon’s cause. Oatman soon offered himself as a priest in Rigdon’s church.

The family that Lyman and Lucy Hartland Oatman brought to Locke was large, though, judged by the standards of the time, not extraordinarily so. 4 Roys Oatman probably did not stand out from his siblings in this ample brood. Like his brothers, he worked on his father’s farm, rising early in the morning, retiring early at night, perhaps stealing a few hours at the end of the day to read a book by candlelight. He attended school, at least for a while, and acquired a fairly good education. 16 the oatman massacre During the spring and summer, he spent most of the daylight hours working in the fields, following the directions of his older brothers and father.

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