Wait for Me!: Memoirs by Deborah Mitford, Charlotte Mosley

By Deborah Mitford, Charlotte Mosley

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In our family Farve was all-powerful: we appealed to him when we thought something was unfair and he could overturn any order given by a governess or anyone else in authority over us. Even my mother did not question his word. Like others of his kind, David Mitford did not care a hang what people thought of him, take him or leave him, and it never occurred to him to toe the line or trim. He was honest and looked honest: tall and upstanding, blue-eyed and extraordinarily handsome, he had thick white hair and moustache by the time I remember him.

It was not till the 1939 war that circumstances swept these away.

Perhaps after trying to make five girls stick to the rules she got tired of saying no and I was allowed a little more rope – but only a little as the tramlines of approved behaviour were still in force. It was not till the 1939 war that circumstances swept these away.

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